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Voxco Mobile Offline

Maximize productivity of face-to-face surveys.

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Trusted by the Top 50 Market Research firms & Global Brands in 40+ countries since 1976

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Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Mobile surveys which keep survey teams productive in the field.

Voxco Mobile Offline is the flexible CAPI software you need to manage face-to-face data collection projects. Conduct dynamic personal interviews even with no network connection on Android tablets and mobile phones.

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Create engaging face-to-face surveys

Extensive question types.

All the standard & advanced question types in one tool, letting you easily create any mobile survey.

Multimedia capabilities.

Embed audio & video into the offline surveys. Interviewers can also capture responses as photo, video or audio.

Custom look & feel.

Create visually appealing surveys by changing colors, adding your logo, images and more.

Sophisticated logic.

Set skipping, piping, looping, and branching on almost any parameter so your interviewers are only asking relevant questions.

Multiple validation checks.

For maximum response quality, use the many validations functions (even based on multiple parameters/answers).

Make changes on the go.

Changes to a questionnaire can be quickly pushed to interviewers conducting mobile surveys in the field.

Manage every field project with truly mobile surveys

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Mobile offline 05
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Intercept or booked appointments.

You can choose whether interviewers can create new cases, or focus on pre-booked appointments.

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Sample management.

Import sample files (Excel, CSV, TXT, Access) and assign imported sample to interviewers.

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Flexible sample/case assignment.

Assign cases individually or in batches to interviewers using flexible rules or interviewer attributes.

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Sophisticated quota options.

You can set complex and multi-level quotas at the global level or for individual interviewers.

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Quality assurance features.

Monitor detailed interviewer productivity reports, set background QA recording, and verify geo-location of each interview.

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Live results monitoring.

Results dashboards update with every device synchronization to reflect field data as it is collected.

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Ensure an easy interviewer experience every time

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Mobile offline 06

Intuitive app navigation.

Our app is modeled after familiar platforms. It’s easy to use and conduct mobile surveys, even for new interviewers.

In-app productivity tools.

The app gives interviewers access to messaging, scheduling, quotas, their cases, FAQs.

Seamless survey pick-up.

Interviewers can pause or cancel surveys. Or interrupt them and schedule a future completion time.

Language switching.

Interviewers can change survey language at any point depending on the preference of the respondent allowing them to conduct multilingual mobile surveys with ease.


The visually appealing interface mean interviewers can confidently hand devices to respondents to self-complete questions (e.g. sensitive info).

Case creation.

Enable interviewers to create new respondent records and schedule future appointments.

Explore the Voxco Offline app, the drag and drop survey builder along with other features that make offline field surveys easier.

Advanced interviewer management tools. Easy to use interface. Efficient Field Surveys.

Rely on secure app functionality

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Mobile offline 07

Password-protected app.

Require interviewers to log in to app via a password that you can set/re-set.

Flexible user profiles.

Create user profiles at device level or at interviewer level so that devices can be shared across interviewers.

Varying access rights.

Set varying survey access rights for different groups by giving them different permissions.

Device data storage.

Data is saved to individual user profiles and stored securely on the device until that profile synchronizes.

Regular synchronization.

Our mobile survey software regularly synchronizes Data to server at the next network connection. Device will show a detailed synchronization confirmation.

Manual & partial synchronization.

Data can be manually synced any time. Partial syncs are saved and resumed on next connection.

Extend productivity beyond offline

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productivity 1

Use our services.

Only have the occasional CAPI project? No problem, we can script your survey and provide you with temporary app licenses for your project.

Seamless offline-online switching.

Voxco Mobile Offline is part of the same platform as Voxco Online, enabling seamless switching between modes to improve response rates.

Centralized survey management.

Script mobile surveys and deploy via any survey channel. Data can be managed centrally for greater efficiency

SaaS or on-premise hosting.

Meet unique data storage requirements by hosting survey and respondent data with us or on your own in-house servers.

Follow-the-sun support.

Our support team is always on hand to help you with anything your team needs.


What is an Offline Survey App?

An Offline survey app is survey software that enables you to collect data in the absence of an internet connection. The offline survey tool does not require any connection to gather customer feedback and securely store it. 

How does an Offline Survey App collect data?

The offline data collection software uses an Android device to collect data & safely store it in the device. Once the device is connected to the internet the entire data is automatically transferred to the database. 

An offline survey app ensures that 

  • You can collect data anytime and anywhere
  • The collected data is securely stored and with no loss
  • You provide a seamless survey experience even in offline mode. 
  • Reduce paperwork and enjoy easier and organized offline mobile data collection. 

What are the benefits of using an Offline Survey App?

A mobile survey tool empowers you to collect data anywhere; even at remote locations. 

You can use mobile survey platforms to conduct surveys on street, in brick & mortar stores, events, conferences, or anywhere. 

Turn your mobile device into an offline survey tool. 

Following are some of the benefits of using an offline survey tool: 

Time-efficient: Using mobile survey platforms instead of paper surveys makes the process of data collection faster. 

Fast data collection: Since offline data collection software requires no internet connection it allows an easy method to gather the data in a secured and organized manner. 

Reduce paperwork: The offline survey tool mitigates the risk of losing data due to the manual work of transferring data from papers to computers. Using offline mobile data collection software leads to faster, secure, & seamless data collection. 

Access remote locations: With a mobile survey tool you can conduct surveys even in the most remote locations. 

Suits every industry: The offline data collection software can meet the needs of every business – from brick and mortar stores to enterprise businesses. Mobile survey platforms can be used to collect customer feedback for market research, customer experience, social research, and many more. 

What you should look for in an Offline Survey Tool?

The offline or mobile survey tool is built to make it easy for you to conduct surveys anytime and anywhere. This means the offline mobile data collection at the vital point of experience is the primary advantage of the mobile survey tool. 

Here are some of the few things you should consider when you look for an Offline survey platform: 

The mobile survey tool should allow you to collect data without interruption. Its important that your offline survey platform does not rely on the internet to securely store the survey data on the mobile device until an internet connection is available. 

The tool should enable you to create branded survey to ensure brand continuity. It should offer various question types & advanced survey features to help you build interactive and engaging surveys.

It should be a mobile-friendly survey tool. The offline survey app should transform any device into a survey station. 

The mobile-friendly survey tool should also keep the data secured in the mobile device. The mobile device used for the survey should enable you to encrypt the survey data throughout the survey and when the data is transferred. 

Client Stories

brain research feature

Brain Research

Leading regional MR firm maximizes interviewer productivity with Voxco Mobile Offline.

strategir feature


Evolving product testing with unique 3D virtual environments & Voxco Multi-Mode.

reach feature

REACH (U. of Neb.-Lincoln)

Field interviewers establish secure connections in rural Puerto Rico with Voxco personal interviewing tools.

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