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Enterprise Survey Software

Voxco’s enterprise survey platform empowers organizations’ to make key decisions for your business with actionable insights into your customers’ as well as your employees’ satisfaction. Be it employee engagement, customer satisfaction or their experience at any touchpoint with your business, Voxco’s enterprise survey software can easily cater to your requirements.

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Every year, Yves Rocher conducts millions of client satisfaction surveys, gift studies and more using Voxco!

Why Choose Voxco Enterprise Survey Software for your feedback surveys?

Enterprise survey softwares are a great way to get insight into your customers and employees’ satisfaction, motivation, and needs. That insight can help you make the right decisions for your business. With Voxco survey tools you can run any type of survey, from employee engagement, customer satisfaction surveys, post-event or transition feedback, and much more.

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Limitless survey design capabilities

The possibilities with our Enterprise survey platform are virtually limitless. We cover all the standard question types and offer lots of advanced features. You can use sophisticated logic and routing, as well as instant answer validation to make sure you are collecting quality and accurate feedback from your survey participants.

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Enterprise surveys which get Customer Insights without the price tag

Do you feel stuck paying a fortune for advanced customer insights systems, but only use a fraction of the features? Voxco offers a great alternative. Our robust enterprise survey platform can handle virtually any customer satisfaction and transaction/event follow-up study, but it will not cost you as much as a full CX system.

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Choice to host on your premises

Companies in industries with high privacy protection requirements – like those in law, financial, accounting, healthcare – often prefer to keep systems behind their own firewalls. Voxco is one of the few enterprise survey tool providers that offer the option to host the survey system in SaaS or on your company servers/on-premise.

Enterprise survey tools that let you easily analyze and share results

With Voxco anyone can be a data whiz. We make analysis and reporting easy through our simple drag-and-drop functionality, one-click chart creation, built-in statistical analysis, and visual dashboards. You can also quickly share the most important information with colleagues via our secure Key Findings Portal.

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Many ways to reach respondents

Voxco’s enterprise survey software offers you many options to reach respondents – through online surveys, phone and mobile surveys, in-person intercept studies and even cost-effective IVR surveys that enable customers to respond to pre-recorded questions 24/7.

Any level of service to help you with projects

Voxco’s experienced services team can help you with any aspect of your survey project. From programming and survey send-out on a regular basis, to the occasional assistance on complex projects, to full turn-key projects, you can count on our team.

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Enterprise Survey Software

Survey software is a valuable market research tool. It helps an organization or business gain insight into the current market and customer demand for the growth and success of the business. SO, a business invests in survey software that offers tools to operate market research. 

Enterprise survey software is the most beneficial online survey platform for a business. It offers functions, services, and plans more than any other survey software. 

What is Enterprise Survey Software?

Enterprise survey software is a single online platform that offers an organization to conduct multiple types of surveys. It offers advanced technological features for building complex surveys. The gathered customer feedback is synchronized in a central place to allow all departments and teams to access the data preventing silos. 

Enterprise survey software integrates with other enterprise software and is managed centrally. The software has the characteristics of performance, robustness, and scalability. 

From the name, it is obvious that Enterprise Survey Software is used by large organizations like charities, government, businesses, etc. But, it is also fit for small-scale businesses. The software can provide you tools and features for building a powerful survey campaign.

Why do you need Enterprise Survey Software?

Any business that relies on market research to gain insight from their customers on their target population should use Enterprise Survey Software. 

For a customer-obsessed company, surveys are the best way to gain insight. Companies need to turn their prospective customers into loyal customers and promoters. Companies want to recognize their high-performing employees to prevent them from leaving. They want to hold onto the potential customers as well as the best employees. 

Enterprise survey software offers more befitting functionalities and performance than the usual online survey software. 

Features you should look for when selecting Enterprise Survey Software

Survey software cannot work without effective features to support it, the same is the case with Enterprise Survey Software. 

Powerful analytics help evaluate trends, analyze feedbacks, and compare demographic segments

Anonymity helps to keep respondent’s identity concealed without paying extra for the software feature

The Automated alert notifies you whenever a respondent leaves a negative response. It gives you the opportunity to take action right away.

Sophisticated branching logic navigates respondents to relevant questions in an online survey based on their answers along with additional features like Piping and Skipping

Brand control gives our company the reigns to design the survey experience that fits the brand

Merging multiple surveys lets you integrate the data from other surveys at a central place and analyze it

SSL encryption helps you to protect any sensitive data. It encrypts the customer response when they are channeled to your system

Multiple users account makes collaboration with clients and colleague easy

Advantages of using Enterprise Survey Software

Enterprise survey software is very different from the standard online survey software. Enterprise survey software is deemed superior because the functions and services offered have extra merit and provide more advantage in market research. 

Mobile adaptive

The software ensures that the surveys are easy to use on mobile devices. It supports more question formats, i.e., is inclusive of questions seen on desktop.

Quality Checks

Enterprise survey software is designed so that only the data of the highest quality is transmitted into survey results. Quality checks prevent survey fraud. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

It removes bots and performs the automatic quality checks. The software filters the responses and disqualifies low-quality data. It also disqualifies the respondents who drop out of the survey or provide hasty answers. 

Global Support

The provider of Enterprise Survey Software offers tech support for every working hour (24 hours).

The survey design includes multi-language capabilities

Extensive Survey Builder

Enterprise survey software is equipped with a wide variety of engaging questionnaire functionalities. 

  • Question types
  • Automated survey flows
  • Media integration
  • Loop: repeat questions depending on the answer
  • Custom logic
  • Pause and resume survey
  • Drag and drop design
  • Custom-coding ability

Secure portal

The portal allows you to share survey results securely with your clients, colleagues, or stakeholders. It gives you complete control over what others can do or see in their account. 

Enterprise survey software is more reliable and useful for any (complex or simple) market research. The software helps you gain a wide range of respondents for every survey which makes it more useful for a survey campaign. Whether you have just begun a new survey campaign, Enterprise survey software is the best in class survey platform you should divulge in. 

Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard offers you several survey analytics features like crosstabs, charts, images, etc. You can track trends and relationships between data. The data is always up-to-date because the software adds new data automatically in real-time. 


What is Enterprise Survey Software?

Enterprise Survey Software is the platform that helps an organization gain powerful insight to make decisions for the success of the business. It helps design interactive surveys to collect insights on customer satisfaction as well as employees. 

What is Online Survey Software?

Survey Software is an online platform that helps an organization or research agency to create online surveys, polls, quizzes, etc. The survey software helps a business distribute the survey to a wide range of audiences to conduct market research. 

What is the purpose of conducting a Survey?

Surveys are the way to gain knowledge about the market or social research and demographics. Surveys help assess the thoughts, feelings, opinions of target customers. 

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